Name:  Nicholas Bruno Giannini
 Birthdate:  April 1st, 2003, 3:59AM (Yes, yes.... April Fools)
 Aspirations:  To be as tough as his name.

Why 'Bruno'?  Well, this name was tossed around as a joke between my wife and myself for several years.  A boy would be named Bruno, and a girl would be named Bruschetta (an italian type of garlic bread).  It started to enter the relm of true possibilities, though everyone hated it.  At one point, Bruno Rocco was considered, and Nicholas entered the arena.

But, when he was born, he spent 7 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which they called Nicu.  I thought it was too close to Nicko to be ignored.  And in all honesty, Bruno is a strong name, and I decided he had to be a strong guy to get out of the ICU.  So after being born 'Baby Boy' Giannini, Nick Bruno was official.

Being born on April Fools day, I'm sure the little guy is going to get teased.  A middle name of Bruno as well.  As for Nick, well I'm sure his friends will ask him if I named him while I was shaving.  But, we like it.  His big sister likes it.  And thats good enough for us.

At the hospital, catching some sleep.


Baby Smurf..

So far, his nickname that sticks the most is Little Man.  Chloe is adjusting to her little brother, but I know she gets jealous.  She's just too much of a trooper to really show it.  She treats him like fine china, and has only asked a couple times if she could touch his blanket, or his hand, which she does with incredibly gentleness.