Chloe, Year 1

Well, as amazing as it seems, it's been a year since Chloe was born (July 3, 2000).  It's incredible to see her now, and compare with the pictures when we first brought her home.  She is now 22 pounds, and 28 inches tall, in the 90th percentile in height, weight, and head size (yes, they do measure that).

She isn't walking yet, but she is furniture surfing, and crawling like crazy.  I've started to introduce her to the word 'No', and am exceptionally pleased that she is handling it well.  There have been enough things in the past year to fill a small book, so I'll just list a top few, and some pics.

Some highlights of the past year:

Baby Airborne

Resistance is futile.

I swear, I did not buy her the leather jacket, the Rock Chick T shirt, or the leather skirt (Yes, it is a leather skirt!)

Her Christening


These also represent the only two known pictures in existance, of me smiling.