In December 2000, Printice Hall published my first book, co-authored with Jim Keogh. In this book, you will find every single last topic discussed in just about all my classes, with sample programs and code, only discussed in a bit more detail with step-by-step to reproduce the programs, and a description of whats going in in them.

Unfortunately, Prentice Hall decided not to include a CD in the book, and you need to download the source code. This page contains link to that source code.  There are 12 chapters and an appendix, totalling 51 programs and several additional source modules.  When I get the chance, I will comment and break out the source code into smaller chunks, but for now it is in 1 large zip file that will extract all the programs.

If you have the book, then you can read along with how the programs were actually created, and what it is exactly they do.  If you don't have the book, then you'll have to wade through the programs yourself, or wait until I offer some online descriptions.  I will not however, give more than a brief description of each program, for the details, you will need to lay out the cash ;)

The download is about 3.5 Meg in size. You can download the source code as a single ZIP file, or as an executable EXE file.  If you download the zip file, you will need a utility to extract it, for the EXE file you will not.

I hope that you find something in the book and source code helpful.

Download the zip file
Download the exe file

The Window Programmers Programming Notebook
Written by Mario Giannini and Jim Keogh
Published by Prentice Hall