No, not all bike stories have a happy ending.  I was in our car, with my wife, mothin-in-law, and aunt, when we saw two bikes pull up and pass us.  one bike had a guy and a female passenger, and the other was solo. I admired the bikes, which soon pulled away from a red light, and I started telling everyone how I had seen a motorcycle just a week before involved in a small accident (the rider didn't even get scratched).

No sooner had I finished this story, and we got two blocks further, we could tell that something was holding up traffic.  When we got to the light, laying there in the street were the rider and his passenger of one of the two bikes.  The other rider had parked his bike, and was talking to the other rider, who was laying motionless.  About 20 feet away, his passenger laid, but I noticed some movement.

I know from experience, that the first thing you think about when you take a spill, is that its probably not a good idea to lay there in the street.  So the fact that this guy was still down, meant he was probably hurt pretty bad.  The bike was nearby, and it looked like the front tire was just sheared off, something I had never seen.

There were a lot of people around them, and someone directing traffic down a detour which we took.  I felt bad about not stopping to help.  Having been there myself, I wanted to do something, and I am not proud to say that we just drove off.

That accident, being so close to home, and with a motorcycle involved, really hit home.  I found myself wondering what happened, or how the rider and passenger were doing.  Lucky or not, I live in a suburban neighborhood, and the accident made a paragraph in two local 'newspapers'.  There I read, that the rider had died.  He was 24.

I am sorry I didn't stop to help.