The Berskhires, MA


June 1998 Found me cruising the Berkshires for a week. The trip was pretty good, considering there was record rainfall. For the most part, I stayed dry. I wound up buying my 3rd (!) rain suit, and only needed it for twenty minutes of the ride home. The pictures are limited, because there were only about 2 and a half decent days of sun. The rest was fine for riding, but not good for pictures. Most of what is here is from the Berkshires Botanical Gardens, in Stockbridge MA. I also got a chance to shoot some pictures at a zoo in Pittsfield, and went on a hike, but because of space limitations on my server I only picked some of my favorite shots.

As always, the camera was a Nikon FM2, with Velvia slide film (50 speed). I didn't bring my flash, which limited my pictures, considering the film speed and the cloudy days.