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Example Programs (Visual C++ ver 5.0 and 6.0)

Description Download
 MGShapes, document demo of collection class (2/17/00)  MGShape
 Buttons with Images Demo, documented  ImageButton
 Multi-threaded example
 Flat-file sorting program
 Dynamic control creation and handling
 Non-rectangular hotspots
 Animated runner example
 The Midterm: Documentation, database, and demo
 A demonstration of Tab Controls, documented
 Printing a report from a database, documented
 PointList- Templates, File loading, and custom dialog, documented
 DDX Example, DoDataExchange, documented
 BMP File saving and loading with CMBitmap class, documented
 Clipboard cut, copy, and paste, documented
 Example Project Proposal, zipped and MS-Word format.
 Example of one program controlling another, documented.
 Handout on using controls (child windows)  commtrl
 Creating and using DLL. Demo, documented
 Graph OCX, documented, with HLP file
 Screen Size judger, very simply utility
 Explorer-style program with multiple views, VC6, documented
 Cursor editor utility, for programmers, VC6, documented
 CGI program, with database search, documented
 CGI program, like above, but also uses the MGCGI library
 DBMan Project, EXE File, and documentation. An ODBC utility for creating tables
 DBMan EXE file and documentation only (smaller download)  dbman_exe
 FTPDemo - Show MFC internet classes, with some documentation
 A custom Tree window class, that shows drive letters, icons, etc. Slightly commented.
 Combobox with autocompletion and automatic registry save/load, documented
 Mailer program, demonstrate non MFC socket classes
 Yahoo Web Page - HTML Data extraction (documented)


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