Homework #3

Part 1
Implement the StackPush, StackPop, StackIsFull, and StackIsEmpty functions for your stack structure. The StackConstruct and StackDestruct as covered in class should also be implemented. You goal is to complete the Stack structure, and run the test program, provided on the Stack handout.

Part 2
Create a console project that will eventually become your final project (name it something like ADDRS). Your first stage of your final project, is to incorporate the screen I/O routines into your project, and write a small test program.

The screen I/O functions and data structures are contained in scrnio.c and myio.h. These files are on the website, www.openroad.org, in the Programming Classes Material, then the Columbia University Intermediate C/Data Structures link.

You can view the files on-line. You can save time be doing a copy from your web browser, then a paste into your C compiler (in a text file).

The scrnio.c file has each function commented, but there should be no complex functions there. Your goal for this assignment, is not to create or understand scrnio.c, but merely to call it's functions. Consider scrnio.c a library of functions provided for your use. I am willing to discuss the more technical details of scrnio.c, via email.

You will need to write a test main (don't put it in scrnio.c). This test program should print your name in different colors, going diagonally down the screen. It should then wait for a keystroke, then clear the screen, and exit.