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 Review (12/16/98)  BBS Beta Testing


Example Programs (Visual C++ ) and Handouts

Description Download
 Serialization  Serialize
 MDI vs. SDI applications  MDI
 Threads and Message Pumps  Threads
 Homework #1 Assignment  hw1
 Homework #1 - Example EXE file  hw1.exe
 Homework #2 Assignment  hw2
 Homework #2 - Example EXE file
 The Registry  Registry
 Midterm Assignment  Midterm
 Midterm test program (shows what you need to do)
 Midterm FAQ  Mid FAQ
 MFC Common Control demonstration  MFC_CmnControl
 HW #5  HW#5
 HW #5/ Final  HW#5-Final
 HW #5- Sample ASP  HW#5-ASP
 Access database with Client table  MGSales.mdb
Link to download latest ODBC drivers and MDAC. Only needed for older versions of Win95,98, or NT, or if you have a problem opening MGSales in a VC++ program. Be careful, and only download this as a last resort, after checking things like making sure you setup an ODBC data source correctly.  ODBC



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