Q1304 – Introduction to Java Programming

Mario Giannini – Mario@openroad.org



Beginning Java 2 by Ivor Horton (ISBN 1-861003-66-8)


Recommended Text

            Java Programming Reference, by Grant Palmer


The Java Programming Language Third Edition,

by Arnold, Gosling, and Holmes.



1 midterm, and 1 final exam, both assigned as take home programming assignments.



Handed in on printout, no disks or emails unless specifically asked for or agreed

to by the instructor.



Grading is broken down as follows:

                        Midterm/Final               60%

                        Homework                   30%

                        Participation                10%


            Grades are broken down as follows:

                        100 = A+, 99 to 95=A, 94 to 85=B, 85 to 75=C, 74 to 65=D, below 65=F


            No 'upgrades' will be permitted for homeworks, or assignments unless previously

agreed upon with instructor.  No more than two homework assignments will be

accepted from a student on the final day of class.  A grade of 'incomplete' must be requested by students two weeks prior to the final exam.  A grade of incomplete is granted at the instructors discretion, taking into account the students grade average and ability to complete class assignments.



Grades of incomplete are almost non-existent.



            School materials will be posted at www.openroad.org as the class progresses.

Session 1: Introduction


Session 2: Java Language Basics


Session 3: Java Language Basics continued


Session 4: Classes, Objects, and Methods


Session 5: Java Exceptions and Data Structures


Session 6: More Java Built-In and Utility Classes


Session 7:  Basic Object Oriented Design in Java



Session 8: Java I/O


Session 9: AWT Programming


Session 10: Applets Basics and Java Events


Session 11: Threading Basics


Session 12: Basic Networking


Session 13: Review and Conclusion