C and Data Structures: Morgan Stanley Class

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Example Programs

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Loads a text file into memory, sorts, and outputs. fsort.c
Demonstration of a Bubble Sort bsort.c
Demonstration of a Quick Sort qsort.c
LINETEXT - A C example of a structure and supporting code for maintaining a collection of strings. The code design mimics C++ classes, but this is not C++. tl.h
The STACK example stacks.c
The QUEUE example queues.c
 The STRING example  string.c
 The FLY example  fly.c
The GEN example  gen.c
 Unix file listing example  dmp.c
 Unix non-buffered input example  getkey.c
 Unix example to send process to background  mbg.c
 Unix signal handling example  ouch.c
 Unix password entry inspection  p.c
 Unix example of client/server program, via internet s.c


Monday Wednesday
9/8 9/10
9/15 9/17
9/22 9/24 - Midterm
9/29 No Class: 10/1
10/6 10/8
10/13 10/15
10/20 - Final Exam

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