Chloe, Year 2

Obviously, after year1, comes year2.  I'm really late in putting this up, so some of the pictures are more recent.  She is now over 2 and a half.  She is filled with energy, smiles, and happiness.  Talking, walking, running, the whole 9 yards.  It's winter now, so she is staying indoors alot unfortunately. 

Some highlights of the past year:

There's alot of pictures.  Make sure you see the last one.

Can you guess the holiday?

After a tough day in the snow.

Warmer weather, in Florida.

The costumed mooed when you pressed the nose.  She still wears it.

Chloe + Cousin Brady + Plastic Pancake = Mad Stampede

Cousin Kendall, the family princess.

Lounging around after her birthday.

Mr. Potato Head is not amused.