GUI Introduction - Columbia University

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 Review Questions: What you should know
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Midtem Questions

Handouts / Demos

 Hello world directions/homework 1  hellogui
 Visual C++ 5.0 Hello World project
 Borland C++ 5.0 Hello World project
 Zip file with handouts from first class
 Menuing Handout  menus
 Windows Memory mangagement  winmem
 Font listing program
 MGWin - Simplified Windows functions  mwgin.h
 Not GUI-related, a C program with a char** example (more examples via  fsort.c
 Midterm Assignment  midterm
 Password dialog Example
 Custom Controls (not VBX or OCX), demo and documented
 Common Dialog Example
 NopePad - Version 1.0, a Notepad ripoff.
 MGDraw - Dynamic memory, file read/write, and newer mgwin.c file
 Midterm solution (Old)
 Midterm EXE file, what you should create. Ignore the scrolling bitmap.  mid2.exe
 MFC version Draw, fixed File-Open bug, documented
 Common MFC Guidelines  mfc1.html
 Creating a DLL, documented

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