Advanced Object Oriented Programming - Columbia University


 The Syllabus.
 Review questions - things you should know
 Students FAQ  Read student's Frequently Asked Questions.



 Creating a project in Visual C++  CreateProj
 OOP Terms  Terms
 cin and cout  cin cout
 Function Overloading  Overload
 Homework #1  HW1
 First handout on classes  Class1
 Homework #2  HW2
 new and delete operators (dynamic memory)  new & del
 Operator Functions  Operators
 Homework #3  HW3
 IMPORTANT: HW #3 Correction  Correction
 Homework #4  HW4
 Comments on Homework #4  HW4Notes
 Smart Pointer Demo (not done in class)  SmartPntr.cpp
 Midterm Assignment  Midterm
 Exceptions  Exceptions
 Homework #5 - Exceptions  HW5
 Smart Pointer demo, developed in class
 Packet Class, developed in class (forgive project name)
 Final Project Document  FinalProj.pdf
 Final Project: Documentation and starter project with classes

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